• What are abandoned cart emails?

    Abandoned cart emails are sent to customers who have added products to their cart but failed to check out. It's remarkably effective as a sales recovery tactic.
    According to SaleCycle, nearly half of all abandoned cart emails are opened and over a third of clicks lead to purchases back on site. You have to understand that customers often abandon their carts without meaning to do so, for example because the website crashed, because the process was complicated, or because the site timed out.
  • How to edit mail templates?

    Go to Campaigns to customize your email templates.
  • Can I create new campaigns?

    We limit three campaigns to ensure your emails straight to the customer's inbox (no spam) and fetch higher open rates.
  • How to schedule my email campaigns?

    Go to Settings in the Campaigns and change Time after. We recommend that you should set 60 minutes for the first campaign.